Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boudior Maternity Session

 photo 0002_zps5c56fb56.jpg  photo 0004_zps086a0913.jpg  photo 0006_zps926821bd.jpg  photo 0005_zpsb93752d9.jpg  photo 0008_zpsa95a16a5.jpg  photo 0007_zpsae5908ed.jpg  photo 0009_zps804cb047.jpg  photo 0010_zps72550060.jpg  
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Featured on Knotsvilla!

The Engagement Session of Karissa & Rishi is featured on Knotsvilla!  It has been such an amazing and blessed 2014 so far and words can't express our gratitude for our clients.  We're so happy to have Karissa & Risha's session published!  Check out their Feature here: 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kaya - Ledgemont Country Club Bar Mitzvah

Kaya - Bar Mitzvah
Ledgemont County Club
Seekonk, Massachusetts

 photo 0002_zpsbc7ad2ea.jpg  photo 0003_zps42079d05.jpg  photo 0004_zps9a1263d2.jpg  photo 0005_zpsbd995e26.jpg  photo 0007_zpsa621b5a3.jpg  photo 0006_zpsa1efa149.jpg  photo 0008_zpsee14ed10.jpg  photo 0009_zps1705d80f.jpg  photo 0010_zpsbc0ed7ce.jpg  photo 0011_zps1e3a69be.jpg  photo 0012_zps3a6e4893.jpg  photo 0013_zps8c6958c3.jpg  photo 0014_zpsec93ef3e.jpg  photo 0015_zps391e9bdc.jpg  photo 0016_zpsfb954f4f.jpg  photo 0017_zps987bcc45.jpg  photo 0018_zpseef9ad67.jpg  photo 0022_zpsea8aff1f.jpg  photo 0019_zpse8973994.jpg  photo 0020_zps78416012.jpg  photo 0021_zpsda5e7dfc.jpg  photo 0023_zpsb53c0e6d.jpg  photo 0024_zps524976fd.jpg  photo 0025_zpsd9885fd4.jpg  photo 0026_zps4c9063df.jpg  photo 0027_zps0828a358.jpg  photo 0028_zps7c6412be.jpg 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Michelle + Chris - Providence Public Library Wedding

Michelle + Chris
Providence Public Library
Providence, RI

 photo 0002_zpsa1b6b381.jpg  photo 0005_zpsd890c69d.jpg  photo DSC_4896copy_zpsea263bda.jpg  photo 0003_zps106d82e3.jpg  photo DSC_4993qcopy_zps55d80f0c.jpg  photo 0007_zps35aae435.jpg  photo 0008_zps280d3d58.jpg  photo 0006_zpsf3b085bb.jpg  photo 0009_zps59d9f3f9.jpg  photo 0010_zps3c32705e.jpg  photo 0011_zps178ba5db.jpg  photo 0012_zps7c0a156f.jpg  photo 0014_zpsa8cbb98f.jpg  photo 0015_zps2f09cfa1.jpg  photo 0017a_zps24d95231.jpg  photo 0018_zpsda0e4fd6.jpg  photo 0028_zpsc0253d89.jpg  photo 0019_zps9a70cff6.jpg  photo 0020_zpsdb7538fa.jpg  photo 0021_zps91d49c5f.jpg  photo 0024_zpsc8dcdf5f.jpg  photo 0025_zpsd1b6439a.jpg  photo 0022_zpsdfc5737c.jpg  photo 0026_zpsaf73b46b.jpg  photo 0027_zpsa82af7bc.jpg  photo 0035_zpsa3e57d07.jpg  photo 0030_zps8906509a.jpg  photo 0031_zps6435ffcf.jpg  photo 0032_zps3487049d.jpg  photo 0033_zps21701c38.jpg  photo 0034_zpsc9d8241f.jpg  photo 0038_zpsb65d4ab6.jpg  photo 0040_zps4b4dbb1a.jpg  photo 0036_zps826bf41a.jpg  photo 0037_zps33661602.jpg  photo 0041_zpsb2a85d10.jpg 

All images are copyright 2014 of Pure Style Photography