Monday, May 11, 2015

Caroline turns 1!

It's hard to believe that baby Caroline is turning 1! Photographing a baby's first year is one of my favorite things to do. Not only do I get to document such a special time for the parents, but I also get to watch the babies grow and change and also form a bond with the family. Which is one of the reasons I love my job so much! Caroline is such a doll and I just can't get enough of her! Please enjoy!  photo 0002_zpsfbtw3myu.jpg  photo 0003_zpsswqblxrh.jpg  photo 0004_zpskhawaaoo.jpg  photo 0005_zpsspsnufuq.jpg  photo 0006_zpsnpjsdrcc.jpg  photo 0061 copy_zpsam5y10qs.jpg  photo 0007_zpsjexbpglg.jpg  photo 0008_zps7e3vjxbn.jpg  photo 0009_zpssdwx6jeo.jpg 
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Friday, May 1, 2015

Abby & Danny | The Colonnade Hotel - Boston, MA

Abby & Danny | 4.25.2015

Venue: The Colonnade Hotel - Boston, MA
Gown Designer: Caroline Davillo
Wedding Coordinator: LoLo Event Designs
Videographer: 106 Studios
Entertainment: Men in Black

 photo 0002_zpsjo69yl8b.jpg  photo 0003_zpsnk4cvptg.jpg  photo 0004_zps44vhmcyu.jpg  photo 0005_zpshzaimln8.jpg  photo 0006_zpsjtihkmls.jpg  photo 0007_zpsvw1tz3wo.jpg  photo 0008_zpslekw2vbi.jpg  photo 0009_zpsxjj58kbz.jpg  photo 0010_zpsjlz7lhns.jpg  photo 0011_zpstjxadgqx.jpg  photo 0012_zpsnk88z2p7.jpg  photo 0013_zps4odcmow0.jpg  photo 0014_zpsyp6ljasr.jpg  photo 0015_zpshdan2js0.jpg  photo 0016_zpsjahvgo7q.jpg  photo 0017_zpswwdihznl.jpg  photo 0018_zps0ab09e6j.jpg  photo 0019_zpsur4pfwlq.jpg  photo 0020_zpssvqglper.jpg  photo 0021_zpsjpkpvtow.jpg  photo 0022_zpssnetve4t.jpg  photo 0023_zpswwqbf7mn.jpg  photo 0024_zpskyaavvtl.jpg  photo 0025_zpsrstbih09.jpg  photo 0026_zpsyyrphwwj.jpg  photo 0031_zpsgafb39db.jpg  photo 0032_zpssz5exitk.jpg  photo 0033_zpsqiybxffg.jpg  photo 0034_zpsxwpmumb3.jpg  photo 0035_zpslogv7ddg.jpg  photo 0036_zpsna3u1wdd.jpg  photo 0037_zpstdygympo.jpg  photo 0038_zpscrgzwiht.jpg  photo 0039_zpseustq8tu.jpg  photo 0040_zpsqtvulbek.jpg  photo 0041_zpsuzla4tcu.jpg  photo 0042_zpsoyz02eui.jpg  photo 0043_zpszsyj2jqo.jpg  photo 0044_zpsqwlnzxwv.jpg  photo 0046_zpsjoceqzct.jpg  photo 0047_zpsh513ih9d.jpg  photo 0048_zpscaacvqtn.jpg  photo 0049_zpsmoruzgla.jpg  photo 0050_zpssmgfr6b9.jpg 
All images are copyright 2015 of Pure Style Photography