Sunday, September 7, 2014

Heidi | Senior Pictures '15

Heidi | Senior Pictures '15
Tatnuck Country Club
Worcester, MA

 photo 0002_zps5704230b.jpg  photo 0003_zpse140d2cc.jpg  photo 0004_zps20d78b7b.jpg  photo 0005_zpsc47f683b.jpg  photo 0006_zps82283a29.jpg  photo 0007_zpsf4f4f2a6.jpg  photo 0008_zps9e9d80a6.jpg  photo 0009_zps5bc83563.jpg  photo 0010_zps13742b87.jpg  photo 0011_zps9ade59dc.jpg  photo 0012_zps9b7d4127.jpg  photo 0013_zps590b3f56.jpg  photo 0014_zpsf7c09fd3.jpg
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Monday, August 25, 2014

High In-Style Magazine | Publication

We are so thrilled to be published again in High In-Style Magazine!  This month Thatcher's Senior Pictures were featured and he gave an outstanding interview for the magazine.  Check it out here:

Cole | Newborn Photography

Meet my beautiful new cousin Cole and beautiful sister Adley!

 photo 0001_zpsab006440.jpg  photo 0003_zps2dec6531.jpg  photo 0004_zps2c24a258.jpg  photo 0005_zpsf97d10f9.jpg  photo 0006_zps51282bc4.jpg  photo 0008_zpse8aa3103.jpg  photo 0009_zps8fe80c54.jpg  photo 0010_zps51f8a6b9.jpg  photo 0011_zps8e841e82.jpg  photo 0012_zpsb1307660.jpg  photo 0013_zps6948669a.jpg  photo 0014_zps98a9f701.jpg  photo 0015_zpsa82fa75b.jpg  photo 0016_zpsaef3694d.jpg  photo 0017_zps1317f52c.jpg  
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Clara | Newborn Photography

Meet sweet sweet Clara and her big sister Brielle!

 photo 0002_zps8abb0fc2.jpg  photo 0003_zpsb5da111f.jpg  photo 0004_zpsfa6653e7.jpg  photo 0005_zpsccbbdd96.jpg  photo 0006_zps8026463b.jpg  photo 0007_zps2a8dafa6.jpg  photo 0008_zps68be04ab.jpg  photo 0009_zps8733de98.jpg  photo 0010_zpsa071e55c.jpg  photo 0012_zpsf2e03126.jpg  photo 0013_zps48474779.jpg 
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Kyle | Newborn Photography

Beautiful baby Kyle | Welcome to the world handsome!
  photo 0001_zps70131812.jpg  photo 0003_zpsefaa7613.jpg  photo 0005_zps6bc9c2e2.jpg  photo 0006_zpsee3d967f.jpg  photo 0007_zps2aa3481a.jpg  photo 0008_zps94cc7a32.jpg  photo 0009_zps810a3e6a.jpg  photo 0010_zps56959e16.jpg  photo 0011_zpscd14a0a5.jpg  photo 0012_zpsfc0505f6.jpg  photo 0013_zpsa243fb05.jpg  photo 0015_zpsc1460bed.jpg 
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