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We have rebranded & moved!

Happy 2016! We are excited to announce that we have re-branded! We have a new logo, a new website and a new blog!  We will no longer be making posts here but you can still follow us on our new site to see our latest and greatest!  Please stop in and check us out! Click the link below:

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aileen & Brendan | Alden Castle Wedding | Boston, Massachusetts

Aileen & Brendan | 7.18.2015 

Ceremony:  St. Cecilia Parish | Boston, Massachusetts
Reception Venue:  Alden Castle
Wedding Gown Designer: Amy Kuschel
Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade
Bridesmaids Gowns: J Crew
Groom Suit: Blank Label
Groomsmen Suits: Tommy Hilfiger
Florist: Celebrated Flower
Entertainment: Music on Wheels
   photo 0002_zpsfggpmvry.jpg  photo 0003_zpsebjv4muw.jpg  photo 0004_zpsgif0612r.jpg  photo 0005_zpsixyoituk.jpg  photo 0006_zps8il4lzcw.jpg  photo 0007_zps2smufu4v.jpg  photo 0008_zpsb69rn23x.jpg  photo 0009_zpsutigiha2.jpg  photo 0010_zpsh6kxzuqg.jpg  photo 0011_zps0jveg0uf.jpg  photo 0012_zpsbxjns40s.jpg  photo 0013_zpsaqqfz4jh.jpg  photo 0014_zpszxg362dq.jpg  photo 0015_zpsyjolcj6z.jpg  photo 0016_zps8k8hjo3t.jpg  photo 0017_zpsfd37oe5x.jpg  photo 0018_zpscxzhcbxd.jpg  photo 0019_zps7lyykqfz.jpg  photo 0020_zpszw73drra.jpg  photo 0021_zpso1yhekgj.jpg  photo 0022_zps1cferqmt.jpg  photo 0023_zpsmtytcb3k.jpg  photo 0024_zpstevda1zs.jpg  photo 0025_zps3aqwfa90.jpg  photo 0026_zpsxqgwddgp.jpg  photo 0027_zpsxpmft2ac.jpg  photo 0028_zpssl6kqbpd.jpg 
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Laura & Tyler | Wyndham at Beacon Hill Wedding | Boston, Massachusetts

Laura & Tyler | 6.27.2015 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Wyndham at Beacon Hill Boston, Massachusetts
First Look: Boston Public Gardens  
Wedding Gown Designer: Rivini
Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaids Gowns: JCrew
Tuxedo's: Buroni
Florist: Back Bay Florist
Cake: Konditor Meister
Entertainment: DJ Red

 photo 0002_zpsbdelsw74.jpg  photo 0003_zpsbj7gqjqj.jpg  photo 0004_zpsxkgiub19.jpg photo 0005_zpssraylkfe.jpg  photo 0006_zps7tvc7fqy.jpg  photo 0007_zpsjzobijcw.jpg  photo 0008_zpswynjc2ep.jpg  photo 0009_zpstjbvbwz1.jpg  photo 0010_zpscpczkfez.jpg  photo 0011_zpsxsveccgn.jpg  photo 0012_zpsujdlwtw7.jpg  photo 0013_zpsgla4raqw.jpg  photo 0014_zpsqu91sl8u.jpg  photo 0015_zpsramaiqrq.jpg  photo 0016_zpsoc5b7o3g.jpg  photo 0017_zpsi1w6ymht.jpg  photo psp1_zpscvweayiw.jpg  photo 0018_zpsncpncemu.jpg  photo 0019_zpsli4sw5kd.jpg  photo 0020_zpssfmzfffn.jpg  photo 0021_zpsouuqckdx.jpg  photo 0022_zpsb0twpj2y.jpg  photo 0023_zps71q5f9ul.jpg  photo 0024_zpsg4s9cfpz.jpg  photo 0025_zps0qwkxx5i.jpg  photo 0026_zpsqm5qxskr.jpg  photo 0027_zpsxkskqanr.jpg  photo 0028_zpsf8g385ke.jpg  photo 0029_zpsyazb34bn.jpg  photo 0030_zpst8i70lvl.jpg  photo 0031_zpsssbwq4pn.jpg  photo 0032_zpsk3ulg53w.jpg  photo 0033_zpsvtthpmrf.jpg  photo 0034_zpsuesnmm21.jpg  photo 0035_zpswh8udhcp.jpg 
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