Monday, December 1, 2014

Love Inc Magazine Publication! | Carlie & John's Engagement Session | Onset, MA

Pure Style Photography has had an amazing Fall full of photo sessions and weddings! Over the winter the blog will be updated with all kinds of beauty.  If you can't wait to see some new stuff feel free to stop by our Facebook page here to see our most recent work.  Today we am stopping in to share that the engagement session of Carlie & John has been published in Love Inc Magazine

You can read their beautiful love story here:

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Landon | Newborn Photography

Landon | Newborn Photography
8 Beautiful Days Old 

 photo 0002_zps8feeed69.jpg  photo 0010_zps1de0ec55.jpg  photo 0005_zps65a90048.jpg  photo 0021copy_zps4c3566a8.jpg  photo 0004_zps5ee8a8d6.jpg  photo 0006_zpsf4cead31.jpg  photo 0011_zpsffc2364b.jpg  photo 0002a_zpsb7df670f.jpg  photo 0008_zps24c2b541.jpg  photo 0007_zps52416a3a.jpg  photo 0006copy_zpsbebde6d6.jpg  photo 0013_zpsb65bdee7.jpg 

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Heidi | Senior Pictures '15

Heidi | Senior Pictures '15
Tatnuck Country Club
Worcester, MA

 photo 0002_zps5704230b.jpg  photo 0003_zpse140d2cc.jpg  photo 0004_zps20d78b7b.jpg  photo 0005_zpsc47f683b.jpg  photo 0006_zps82283a29.jpg  photo 0007_zpsf4f4f2a6.jpg  photo 0008_zps9e9d80a6.jpg  photo 0009_zps5bc83563.jpg  photo 0010_zps13742b87.jpg  photo 0011_zps9ade59dc.jpg  photo 0012_zps9b7d4127.jpg  photo 0013_zps590b3f56.jpg  photo 0014_zpsf7c09fd3.jpg
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Monday, August 25, 2014

High In-Style Magazine | Publication

We are so thrilled to be published again in High In-Style Magazine!  This month Thatcher's Senior Pictures were featured and he gave an outstanding interview for the magazine.  Check it out here:

Cole | Newborn Photography

Meet my beautiful new cousin Cole and beautiful sister Adley!

 photo 0001_zpsab006440.jpg  photo 0003_zps2dec6531.jpg  photo 0004_zps2c24a258.jpg  photo 0005_zpsf97d10f9.jpg  photo 0006_zps51282bc4.jpg  photo 0008_zpse8aa3103.jpg  photo 0009_zps8fe80c54.jpg  photo 0010_zps51f8a6b9.jpg  photo 0011_zps8e841e82.jpg  photo 0012_zpsb1307660.jpg  photo 0013_zps6948669a.jpg  photo 0014_zps98a9f701.jpg  photo 0015_zpsa82fa75b.jpg  photo 0016_zpsaef3694d.jpg  photo 0017_zps1317f52c.jpg  
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Clara | Newborn Photography

Meet sweet sweet Clara and her big sister Brielle!

 photo 0002_zps8abb0fc2.jpg  photo 0003_zpsb5da111f.jpg  photo 0004_zpsfa6653e7.jpg  photo 0005_zpsccbbdd96.jpg  photo 0006_zps8026463b.jpg  photo 0007_zps2a8dafa6.jpg  photo 0008_zps68be04ab.jpg  photo 0009_zps8733de98.jpg  photo 0010_zpsa071e55c.jpg  photo 0012_zpsf2e03126.jpg  photo 0013_zps48474779.jpg 
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