Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Featured on Snapknot.com

We are delighted to be featured on the Snapknot.com blog as Popular Boston Engagement & Wedding Photographer! The feature can be viewed here:


Featured on SnapKnot

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sue & Madi | Pompositticut Farm - Hudson, MA

Sue & Madi - A Mother's Love

 photo 0002_zpse2c08b7c.jpg  photo 0003_zpsab145df9.jpg  photo 0004_zps0c4633df.jpg  photo 0005_zps3ee56a74.jpg  photo 0006_zpsb9f4bc87.jpg  photo 0007_zps626a857c.jpg  photo 0008_zps219f42bf.jpg  photo 0009_zps634960c8.jpg  photo 0010_zps04376498.jpg  photo 0011_zpsc92b00ce.jpg  photo 0012_zpse387e6ae.jpg  photo 0013_zps0918f1a5.jpg  photo 0014_zps2ee2c23e.jpg 
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carlie + John | Independence Harbor Wedding

Carlie + John

Venue:  Independence Harbor Wedding | Assonet, MA
Dress:  Pronovias
Bridal Makeup: Camacho Makeup
Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Tuxes: Vera Wang 
Cake: Artisan Bakery
Band: Flipside
 photo 0001_zpsd90158c7.jpg  photo 0003_zps4802c705.jpg  photo 0004_zps1a8f1020.jpg  photo 0005_zps10dd0a1b.jpg  photo 0006_zps312ff51e.jpg  photo 0007_zpsa66342ef.jpg  photo 0008_zps5573c9ec.jpg  photo 0010_zpsc67602a6.jpg  photo 0011_zps37849eaa.jpg  photo 0009_zpsd49bc68c.jpg  photo 0012_zps01df2a77.jpg  photo 0013_zps2184564a.jpg  photo 0014_zpsad1283c6.jpg  photo 0017_zps92c58046.jpg  photo 0016_zps897aff73.jpg  photo 0015_zps7fb7b0df.jpg  photo 0018_zpsf23a5dca.jpg  photo 0019_zps5bbeec25.jpg  photo 0020_zps86eff400.jpg  photo 0021_zps9433e00d.jpg  photo 0022_zpseda01665.jpg  photo 0023_zps04444650.jpg  photo 0024_zps5e09d920.jpg 
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lis + Matt | Ipswich Country Club Wedding

Lis + Matt
Ipswich Country Club | Ipswich, MA
June 28, 2014
 photo 0002_zpsa27d63f3.jpg  photo 0003_zps4f1ccb71.jpg  photo 0004_zpsf2622195.jpg  photo 0005_zpsb6b6d994.jpg  photo 0006_zpse0cef648.jpg  photo 0007_zpsfdad69e0.jpg  photo 0008_zpse45d4150.jpg  photo 0009_zps0b7115ec.jpg  photo 0010_zps71eb4f82.jpg  photo 0011_zpsa2cd864e.jpg  photo 0012_zpsb40be549.jpg  photo 0013_zpsd88acf3c.jpg  photo 0014_zps3f2001d5.jpg  photo 0015_zps9f21231a.jpg  photo 0016_zps425e841d.jpg  photo 0017_zpsc8ccb4fc.jpg  photo 0018_zpsc0e6bd4d.jpg  photo 0019_zps58d2b2ba.jpg  photo 0020_zps26216874.jpg  photo 0021_zpsa21a700a.jpg  photo 0022_zpsb028f6f5.jpg  photo 0023_zpsd679b065.jpg 
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